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The ESG Analytics API is a powerful HTTP REST API which provides Environmental, Social and Governance data for companies, countries and investable indexes. ESG Analytics focuses on alternative data to provide new and differentiated insight to a typically opaque segment of data.

By using externally observable data we can validate what is said vs what actually is, we can gain an edge in predicting future actions and likelihoods and we can have a much wider scope of companies we look like - thereby allowing for fair and accurate analysis.


Authentication is handled with a simple API key. When you register for the ESG Analytics platform and select an API subscription you will see the key in your account.

You can attach your API key to a request using the Api-Key header. The following screenshot shows a sample implementation in Postman.

If you don't append your API key correctly, or your API key is invalid, you will receive a 401 - Unauthorized HTTP error.