API Reference

List of all companies covered

Gives you a list of the whole universe of companies available. No query parameters are required.

Company Details

Query params: company_id or isin
Search by company id or ISIN
Gives you a summary company profile and ESG snapshot including:
  • Company description and sector information
  • Listed securities
  • AI based ESG pulse and positive/negative ratio (how many instances have been + or - all time)
  • Executive salaries and payments
  • Activity involvement (e.g is the company involved in weapons manufacturing)

Company Screening

Query params: company_id
Gives you company Activity involvement (e.g is the company involved in weapons manufacturing)

Company ESG Sentiment / ESG Pulse

Query Params: company_id, group by (week, month, year), filter_options
Gives you a time series of the ESG sentiment grouped by week month or year
Provides the stock price if available for easy comparison
You can filter this by ESG topic, if you do the structure of this field is an array, with the topics separated by commas e.g ["Business Model Resilience","Product Design & Lifecycle Management"]
Response - all based on group by fields:
  • Sent_queryset - the overall ESG sentiment
  • Filtered_queryset - the filtered ESG sentiment if filter options were used
  • Stock_queryset - the stock price

External Scores

Query Params: Company_ID
Provides external scores and a correlation matrix + normalized scores

Industry Details

Query params: gicSector, time (optional)
Provides a list of companies in a given GIC sector and the total articles and overall sentiment
If no time filter, the data returned will be for all time. Alternatively, this can be for the last week, month or year (if companies do not have any data here then they will not be included)

ESG Event Feed / Snapshot

For the ESG Event Feed:

Query params - company_id, feed_type=mini
Allows you to get a feed of ESG events picked up by the AI algorithm for a company. This feed includes the headlines, links. You can further filter by sentiment score or esg_topic, or both. This is a paginated response
Optional Query params: sentiment_score (between -1 and 1), comparison (greater, less, or equal), esg_topics
Example: /api/company/nlp/company_id=190187&feed_type=mini&page=1&sentiment_score=0.1&comparison=greater&esg_topics=WATER+%26+WASTEWATER+MANAGEMENT
ESG Topics available:'GHG Emissions', 'Air Quality', 'Energy Management', 'Water & Wastewater Management', 'Waste & Hazardous Materials Management', 'Ecological Impacts', 'Product Design & Lifecycle Management', 'Business Model Resilience', 'Supply Chain Management', 'Materials Sourcing & Efficiency', 'Physical Impacts of Climate Change', 'Labor Practices', 'Employee Health & Safety', 'Employee Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion', 'Human Rights & Community Relations', 'Customer Privacy', 'Data Security', 'Access & Affordability', 'Product Quality & Safety', 'Customer Welfare', 'Selling Practices & Product Labeling', 'Business Ethics', 'Competitive Behavior', 'Management of the Legal & Regulatory Environment', 'Critical Incident Risk Management', 'Systemic Risk Management'

For an ESG snapshot vs industry

Query params - company_id, feed_type=flags
No filtering available - see Getting Started for an example

Industry and market ESG Feed

Query Params - feed_type (industry or recent)
Industry feed type = gives you a snapshot of ESG scores by GIC industry and historical time series
Recent feed type - gives you the latest ESG events across all companies as well as the current top 10 and bottom 10 companies

ESG Event Detail

Query params - id (from the ESG Event feed)
Provides the full text for any event that was picked up in company/NLP along with additional information

ESG Clustered Events (BETA)

Query params - company_id
Provides a summary of the clustered events (e.g articles that are similar, or from different sources) for a given company

ESG Clustered Event Detail

Query params - event_id
Provides detailed view for a specific clustered event
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